ERL SuperDeck II: 500 Cubic Inch
The ERL SUPERDECK II system takes an ordinary GM LS engine and creates a 500 Cubic Inch, 8.2 liter monster.  A 4.200” bore and 4.500” stroke are obtained through the use of ductile iron sleeves, an aluminum deck plate, and extremely precise CNC machining. ERL SUPERDECK II 500CI has proven to be an extremely reliable large displacement, large stroke engine by simply following good engine design principals.  The sleeves are designed with enough length to support the piston at BDC, the rings are designed to provide high performance use without sacrificing longevity, the sleeves are made of ductile iron to prevent cylinder distortion, and finally the sleeves are machined using precision equipment and careful quality control.  The ERL SUPERDECK II 500CI is only available as a short block assembly.  The design of the rods, camshaft, and block machining has been completed to ensure proper clearance between components. Off the shelf parts will not work.  Furthermore, ERL uses only the highest quality race parts in its short block assemblies.
SUPERDECK II is Available for the Following Engines:
  • GM LS-2
  • GM LS-3
  • GM LS-7
Sleeved Block Processs:
  • Remove original cast iron sleeves and wash block.
  • Machine block deck and bore block to receive new Ductile Iron Sleeves
  • Press in Ductile Iron Sleeves
  • Mill interior surface of block to receive ERL SUPERDECK II and mill top of new sleeves to proper deck height
  • Align bore main bearing journals in proper relationship to dowel holes.
  • Align hone main bearing journals to proper bore size for ERL Superback main bearings
  • Hone Cylinders to proper size and crosshatch
  • Plateau hone cylinders for a proper finish and to achieve good oil control
Included in the Short Block Assembly:
  • Superdeck II sleeving
  • New LS Block
  • 4.500 stroker crank
  • Wiseco pistons
  • Billet rods
  • Clevite bearings
  • Comp cam
  • Billet main caps
  • Bronze lifter bushings
  • ARP 1/2 HSK
  • Cometic Head gaskets
  • Balanced and Blueprinted
  • Assembled short block
  • Intake Spacer plates
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